Baidu bets on No Mens Driving Car

Baidu aims to support car manufacturers to evolve and is developing an AI-backed Autonomous Driving platform.

Big brands using this Apollo Platform include Daimler, Ford, Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, and popular LIDAR-supplier Velodyne.

Described as the Android of the autonomous driving industry, it is an open source software platform that enables motor makers to efficiently build their own driving system.

According to news sources, Baidu will co-op with car manufacturer Anhui Jianghuai Automobile to mass produce self-driving ai-car and sell to customers in 2019. It is not a dream to travel in an auto-car with no drivers in China from year 2020.

More excitingly, Baidu even developed a self-driving course with Udacity for car engineers. We can foresee that the era of robot-driving is coming faster than we think.



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